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Coalition in Support of Plan 2014 Releases Infographic Detailing Benefits of Proposal

Depicts disparities between current and future lake management system under Plan 2014

 (April 8) — The Support Plan 2014 coalition, which includes residents, businesses, elected officials, property owners, and environmental groups, today released a new infographic that clearly depicts the profound damage that is being done to Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River watershed by the current water management system, and the vast improvement that would be seen if Plan 2014 is implemented. The coalition is calling on the federal government to act swiftly and adopt Plan 2014.

Plan 2014 is the greatest opportunity in our lifetime to restore a Great Lake and help shoreline communities, and will naturally restore 64,000 acres of wetlands using $0 taxpayer dollars. As the newly released infographic depicts, the old system of management is slowly killing Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River by allowing overgrown cattails to choke out wildlife, impede recreational access, and threaten drinking water supplies. The Northern Pike population is down 70% and the Black Tern population is down 80%. Algae blooms in bays have created vulnerable drinking water supplies.

The implementation of Plan 2014 will rebuild shorelines to provide better natural protection from severe floods. It will create healthy wetlands, which will be better suited to filter water, absorbstormwater, and support fish and wildlife that are the foundation of New York’s outdoor recreation and tourism industries.  Plan 2014 alsolengthens the season for recreational boaters.

“This infographic provides a visual of how beneficial Plan 2014 will be for the upstate environment and economy,” said Jim Howe, Executive Director for the Nature Conservancy in Central & Western New York. “The images clearly convey the harmful impacts of the current plan, as well as the widespread benefits of adopting Plan 2014.”    

Plan 2014 has already received bipartisan support, including that of Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren (D), U.S. Representatives Brian Higgins (D), Elise Stefanik (R) and Paul Tonko (D); state Senators Joe Griffo (R) and Patty Ritchie (D); and Assemblywoman Addie Russell (D).  More than 15,000 people have expressed support for the plan, and numerous local communities and businesses along Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence have called for its adoption.

See the full infographic below or find it on www.supportplan2014.org.