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Statewide Coalition Applauds U.S. and Canadian Governments for Approving Plan 2014 to Protect Upstate Economy and Environment

“A broad coalition of New York businesses, conservation groups, lawmakers, hunters, anglers, property owners and residents today applauded the governments of the United States and Canada for their decision to finalize Plan 2014, a new water management plan that will help reverse 50 years of man-made damage to Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River watersheds.”

New York Lawmakers, Business Leaders, Environmentalists, Sportsmen & Residents Celebrate Final Adoption of Plan 2014

“Policymakers, elected officials, business leaders, environmentalists and local leaders today applauded the decision of the governments of the United States and Canada to adopt Plan 2014, a bold plan to reverse 50 years of manmade damage to Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River.”

A plan for ecology, economy

“Plan 2014 would have extended the fall boating season for boaters, tackle shops, marinas, and other businesses on both Lake Ontario and the upper St. Lawrence River in 11 of the past 15 years.... With additional boating days comes additional revenue for small businesses. That means more days I can take customers on boat tours, and more money tourists are pumping into New York's economy.”

Save lake; protect the wetlands

“Plan 2014 deploys nature to do a massive environmental restoration that would otherwise cost hundreds of millions — if not billions — of dollars, while helping people and local economies. As recommended by the IJC, Plan 2014 should be adopted without further delay.”

No word on adoption of regulation plan for Lake Ontario, St. Lawrence River

“It is not for lack of broader support that the plan’s adoption languishes. Ratification has been urged by numerous elected officials, including Rep. Elise M. Stefanik, R-Willsboro, state Sen. Patricia A. Ritchie, R-Heuvelton, state Sen. Joseph A. Griffo, R-Rome, and Assemblywoman Addie J. Russell, D-Theresa.”

Debate resumes over Lake Ontario plan

“The current lake regulation plan has reduced our natural protection from severe storms... We cannot sit idly by and wait for another Sandy or Irene to hit our vulnerable coastal areas and threaten our waterways. The outdated plan currently in place has artificially compressed water-level variability to such a degree that our communities are at risk. We need Plan 2014 now.”

Lake Ontario water level deliberations nearly done

“"Rather than oppose a plan that is good for everyone, wouldn’t it be better for all of us to support a balanced plan and work together to find solutions for community along the lakeshore?"”

Support Plan 2014 for Lake Ontario

“If our elected officials truly want to represent the best interests of their constituents, they'll join homeowners, businesses, sportsmen, educators and countless others in supporting Plan 2014.”

Some property owners speak up on Lake Ontario plan

“Shoreline property owners want to protect their property, and part of that responsibility is doing our part to ensure the lake is healthy. Plan 2014 will help achieve that, and help to rebuild some of the natural protections, like wetlands.”

Unprecedented Coalition of Supporters Call on Washington to End Months of Delay & Adopt Plan 2014

“Congressional Members Stefanik and Tonko Join Rochester Mayor Warren to Push for Approval – “Should be Approved Without Delay” Coalition Releases Full List of Supporters for the First Time; Over 15 Elected Officials, More Than 50 Outdoor and Environmental Organizations, 23 Towns and Counties, Dozens of Businesses and More than 23,000 New Yorkers Demand Action on Plan 2014 to Protect Upstate Economy and Ecosystem”

More officials back plan to change Lake Ontario, St. Lawrence River water levels

“The bipartisan group of state elected officials who support a plan to change controls of the water levels in Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River is growing.”

Plan to control upstate water levels gains support

“I believe Plan 2014 will help protect our natural resources throughout our region while addressing the concerns of communities throughout the shoreline,” Congresswoman-elect Elise Stefanik said in a statement. “Plan 2014 is a reasonable, balanced solution to the issues confronting the Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River basin. I stand ready to work with you to achieve these goals.”

Let the River Flow

“Now there is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reverse the devastating impacts of the unnatural water levels. In June 2014, after 15 years of study and consultation among governments, non-governmental organizations, and communities and businesses around the basin, the IJC recommended a new plan to the U.S. and Canadian governments. This “Plan 2014” would return some of the natural fluctuations in water levels and restore 65,000 acres of coastal wetlands and hundreds of miles of lake and river shorelines. And the ecosystem would once again thrive.”

Lawmakers continue push for Plan 2014 at Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River system

“Plan 2014 represents the way decisions should be made through broad public participation, robust scientific consultation and meaningful alignment of long-term economic and environmental interests.”

Feds must act on Plan 2014

“Plan 2014 has broad-based, bipartisan support because we know that inaction is a dangerous path for New York. The plan balances all interests, has been vetted by local stakeholders and is the product of decades of serious research and outreach.”

Coalition urges adoption of regulation plan for Lake Ontario, St. Lawrence River

“We need to recognize the river as the asset it is. If we manage it correctly, there is a world of opportunity in front of us.”

Proceed with Plan 2014: Proposal can sensibly regulate waterways, mitigate flooding

“Despite the irrefutable scientific research that the status quo is diminishing the quality of the ecosystems of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, public officials representing southern lake waterfront communities want nothing to change.”

1,000 Letters From New Yorkers Delivered to U.S. State Department Urging Immediate Action on Plan 2014

“More than 1,000 New Yorkers and a variety of organizations representing tens of thousands of members, have sent the U.S. State Department letters calling for the federal government to immediately adopt Plan 2014.”

Coalition in Support of Plan 2014 Releases Infographic Detailing Benefits of Proposal

“The images clearly convey the harmful impacts of the current plan, as well as the widespread benefits of adopting Plan 2014. ”

Around Lake Ontario, Neighbors Debate a Dam, Property Values and Muskrats

“Plan 2014, its backers say, would restore 64,000 acres of wetlands for wildlife, but would also benefit people, increasing the hydropower output by allowing a faster flow of water inside the dam. The restored wetlands would improve hunting and fishing and create jobs in outdoor tourism. The wetlands, supporters say, would also help absorb surges of water from big storms like Hurricane Sandy and other “extreme weather” events, a topic that the governor is interested in.”

Rochester city councilor: Feds should approve Plan 2014 to manage Lake Ontario water levels

“Lake Ontario shoreline homeowners are facing a serious threat to their property values," Haag wrote. "But contrary to the claims from some elected officials, the threat does not come from proposed changes in the way Lake Ontario water levels are managed. Rather, it comes from doing nothing, and that threat is being leveled not just at homeowners, but at the environment and local businesses.”

Plan 2014: An economic and environmental winner

“Here’s the truth from a business perspective: Plan 2014 requires no taxpayer dollars to implement, but is estimated to create almost $15 million annually that will go into the Lake Ontario region, economy.”

Plan 2014 supporters speak out

“Seneca Park Zoo Society Executive Director Pamela Reed Sanchez also spoke in favor of the plan. A healthy lake is vital for the zoo's efforts to restore important fish species, including lake sturgeon and lake cisco (also known as lake herring), she said.”

Shoreline Owners Hold Meeting Over Lake Water Levels

“Lake Ontario shoreline owners held a meeting today to discuss whether or not lake water levels should be raised.  Higher lake levels will allow marshes to be filled with wildlife.  Currently, cat tails and other plants overrun the area.”

Plan to regulate lake levels stalled

“It brings back the outdoor rec industry- hunting, fishing, trapping, and recreational boating. It's a huge economic engine for our region.”

Coalition Of Groups Pushes For Adoption Of Lake Level Plan

“What no one is talking about is the damage to the river and the lakes, environment and economy that’s happening every day, and every day we don’t enact this plan is more damage to the lake and the river.”

Debate Grows Over Plan to Regulate Lake Ontario Water Levels

“The International Joint Commission, which controls water levels on Lake Ontario, is proposing its first regulatory changes in more than a half century. ”

Nature Conservancy Eyes Lake Ontario Water Levels

“Plan 2014 is one of the most extraordinary conservation opportunities that we have in New York State. In fact, if I were to think of what is the single most significant thing that we can be doing to help the environment in New York State, it’s to be adopting Plan 2014 now.”

Plan 2014 Coalition Pushes New Shoreline Regulations

“The Great Lakes represent one of our greatest natural resources providing extensive environmental benefits and economic opportunities. Plan 2014 builds on existing efforts to restore, protect and enhance Great Lakes water and the communities that surround them.”

Nature Conservancy Campaigns For Lake Ontario Management

“Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River are two of our regions most important natural resources,” according to the group’s 30-second radio ad, which warns the lake is “at risk. They supply healthy drinking water and are essential for our local recreation, electric power, commerce and hundreds of local businesses.”

Nature, sporting groups rally behind Plan 2014 for Lake Ontario

“We don’t want this to be put on the shelf and fall out of sight," Klein said. "There’s real urgency here. This lake has been laboring under a very restrictive regulation plan for almost 60 years now and the time has come to change it.”

Can Lake Ontario Shoreline, Fish, Wildlife Improve with New Water Plan?

“We do feel that this plan really aligns well with the goals of the U-S and Canada.  Every day that we don’t enact this plan the lake and (St. Lawrence) river suffer more damage.  It’s been 55 years; the time is now.  We’re calling on the federal governments of the U-S and Canada to act.”

Water management plan ready for final push

“Plan 2014 has strong local support. The Plan requires final approval from Secretary of State John Kerry and officials in Canada. Local leaders said they are ready to help with the final push.”

South Dundas endorses water levels Plan 2014

“Our communities need this. In the River region our economy is directly tied to our environment. Plan 2014 will improve both. We can no longer claim that we don’t understand the effects of our out-dated water levels plan - we have the data and knoweldge we need to restore the Lake and River.”

North Country Coalition Rallies in Support of Water Levels Plan

“A plan that would fix that, giving the water a more natural flow that would keep people able to use it longer, was created. It's called Plan 2014. The board that studied possible options for over a decade, the International Joint Commission, chose to recommend it to both US and Canadian Governments back in June. ”

Final Push Underway for Water Level Regulation Plan

“The plan will allow for a more natural ebb and flow of water on the St. Lawrence River and eastern Lake Ontario. Save the River says this'll strengthen the shorelines and protect wildlife.”

Statewide “Support Plan 2014” Coalition Adds Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren, Congressman Brian Higgins & Paul Tonko

“A growing New York State coalition of residents, businesses, elected officials and property owners added several high-profile elected officials today as they renewed their call on the federal government to implement Plan 2014”

In Rochester, Lake Ontario Property Owners Join Statewide Coalition Calling for Adoption of Plan 2014

“As a lifelong resident of Rochester and a longtime shoreline property owner, I wholeheartedly support Plan 2014 and believe the federal government needs to act immediately to adopt it.”

Broad-Based Coalition Calls On The Federal Government To Act On Plan 2014

“A broad coalition of local officials, landowners, environmental groups and small business owners today urged the federal government to take advantage of the greatest opportunity of our lifetime to save the St. Lawrence River and a Great Lake and adopt Plan 2014.”

In Syracuse, Statewide Coalition Calls on the Federal Government to Act on Plan 2014

“Specifically, today's press conference focused on the incredible benefits Plan 2014 will produce for New York's sportsmen and tourism industries, which are critical to the state's economy.”

The Buffalo News Editorial Page: New plan for Lake Ontario water levels would help regenerate vital wetlands

“In particular, Lakes Erie and Ontario are engines benefiting the economy, recreation and overall quality of life in this area while also providing a reliable source of water. That’s why the work of the International Joint Commission is so important and why the agency wants to allow the level of Lake Ontario to fluctuate more than it does now, rising a few inches higher in spring and fall.”

Protect hunting, fishing Feds need to approve plan to allow Lake Ontario water levels to flow naturally (Your letters)

“By approving Plan 2014 immediately, the federal government could set in motion a chain reaction that puts habitats on a path toward recovery and reinvigorates an economy that relies on sportsmen and women.”

Coalition urges approval of Lake Ontario water level plan by U.S. and Canadian governments

“One big action - implementation of Plan 2014 - will restore over 64,000 acres of wetlands at minimal public expense, with clear benefits to waterfowl, fish and wildlife that depend on healthy wetlands. It is time for Plan 2014 and (it is) the responsible thing to do.”

Syracuse Post Standard Editorial Page: Plan 2014, which would regulate Lake Ontario water levels, deserves U.S. support

“Plan 2014 makes sense because it looks at the big picture, the long-term picture. It's the right thing to do to make one of the Great Lakes even greater.”